Energy Performance Certificates

Q. What is an Energy Performance Certificate?
A. An EPC provides information on the energy efficiency, heating costs and carbon emissions of a property and gives guidance and recommendations for improving the buildings performance rating.

Q. Why do I need an EPC?
A. An EPC is a required document when a property is being sold. An EPC must also be provided by a Landlord when renting out a home. A copy of the EPC must be provided at the earliest opportunity to any prospective Tenant. However, many home owners are now realising the benefits of this assessment and are commissioning an EPC in order to benefit from the recommendations given within the report. Grants can often be available to carry out improvements to your properties energy rating. To find out what support is available in your area visit: www.energysavingstrust.org.uk/gid

Q. Who can I get to carry out the assessment of my property and issue me a certificate?
A. An EPC can only be produced by an Accredited(licenced) Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) or Home Inspector (HI). Always request that they show you their valid Accreditation Scheme Identity Card.

Q . How long does the assessment of my property take?
A. The inspection takes approximately one hour depending on the size of the property. Only in exceptional circumstances will more time be required.

Q . How quickly can an Energy Performance Certificate be obtained?
A. The appointment to carry out the assessment can generally be made within 2-3 days of your request being accepted. The Certificate will normally be generated and lodged on the Landmark Register within the following 24 hours.

Q . How long is an Energy Performance Certificate valid for?
A. An EPC is valid for 10 years. However, it would be advisable to commission a new EPC if and when any recommendations for improvement to the rating have been carried out.

Q. How much does an EPC cost?
A. The cost of an EPC is normally dependant on the size of the property and varies between EPC providers. Please refer to our pricing page for our current Pricing structure. (Discounts are available for multiple instructions where the properties are in close proximatry and when the assessments can be carried out on the same date).   

Please visit our EPC page for further information on Energy Performance Certificates.

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