Energy Performance Certificates

There is an abundance of scientific evidence to back up the claims that global warming is real. As a result, the government has taken it upon themselves to ensure all UK residents try their best to conserve energy. One of the main things they’re introduced are Energy Performance Certificates. 

Here at Essex Domestic Energy Assessors, I’ve been working with homeowners for a decade, providing them with their EPC’s. I’m fully accredited, and my work involves entering your home and looking at your overall carbon footprint. At the end of the process, you’ll receive an Energy Performance Certificate that grades your property. 
Energy Performance Certificates
What is the purpose of Energy Performance Certificates? Well, their sole purpose is to show how energy efficient a property is and to see its environmental impact. When conducting my search through your home, I look at all aspects of efficiency. This includes seeing how much energy you use for heating, as well as looking at the carbon emissions of the property. 

Why do UK properties need these certificates? They’re required by any homeowner that’s looking to sell their house. If someone is interested in your property, you’re legally required to show your certificate, so they’re aware of how energy efficient the property is. It’s also a legal requirement for landlords that are seeking out tenants. You must provide all tenants with copies of your Energy Performance Certificates in all the properties you own, free of charge. 

How are Energy Performance Certificates rated? We rate these certificates in different bands, ranging from A to G. As mentioned earlier, there are two main factors to consider: energy efficiency and environmental impact. When I conduct a test, I measure the energy efficiency based on fuel costs, and the environmental impact based on CO2 emissions. Each one of these factors is then rated between A to G accordingly. A is the highest rating, and G is the lowest. 

Currently, as per The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, all rental properties need to have at least an E rating overall. Consequently, if I survey your property and it doesn’t reach the E rating, you’re not allowed to rent it out until you put things right. 

A typical inspection will take me around 60 minutes, though this can vary depending on the property size. It’s common for small flats to take a lot less time, while bigger houses can go over that hour mark. Either way, I make sure to carry out my work quickly without compromising the quality of the inspection. I aim to be in and out of your hair without disrupting your day too much.
Get In Touch For Your EPC Inspection Today
Whether you’re an individual selling a home or a landlord looking for tenants, your property needs to be inspected. I’m fully qualified and can provide Energy Performance Certificates that ensure you abide by the law. 

Please feel free to get in touch with me today if you’re interested in this fast and efficient service. I’ll gladly answer any questions and provide you with additional advice if you need it. 

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