Legionella Risk Assessments

There are many sides to being a landlord, and it is often challenging to keep on top of them all. Without a doubt one of the most important acts of any landlord is to ensure the safety and security of the individuals in the home in question. Even just this aspect has a lot involved, and it is vital that all landlords work hard to keep it all above board. But what are the most important elements when you are getting a property checked over before a sale?

As you hand the keys over, you want to feel safe and secure that you are not placing anyone in harm’s way. Certain things are particularly obvious, such as ensuring that the exterior of the home is as secure as it needs to be. But as you start to carry out assessments and reviews of the property, you will find that there is more and more to consider which you might have initially overlooked. One that always seems to catch landlords out is Legionella.

For those who are unaware, Legionella is a potentially serious disease brought about by certain bacteria in water systems. It is for this reason primarily that you will need to carry out a risk assessment of the water systems in the home, to be certain that your tenants will not be at risk of developing this disease. But where can you get hold of decent Legionella risk assessments, and in good time for your sale?

Fortunately for you, this is somewhere where we can help you out. We are fully certified and trained to carry out Legionella risk assessments, and can do so in a timely and especially cost-effective manner. No matter how quickly you want your sale to go through, you can be sure that we will fall in line with that timescale. What’s more, the service we offer is as thorough as it gets, so both you and your tenants can have as much peace of mind as you would both expect as they move into the property.

For Legionella risk assessments to be considered complete, there must be a detailed review included of any water systems or processes within the property, as any can potentially be affected by the bacteria in question. And it’s not just landlords who need to make sure that this is carried out. If you are an employer, this is one of the many checks that you will need to ensure are seen through before you allow people to work in your premises. In these instances, the Legionella risk assessment will also take into consideration any possible managerial practices which might be relevant to stopping the disease from spreading.

Whether you are a landlord or an employer, you will need to ensure that you get a Legionella risk assessment you can really trust. Only then can you have full peace of mind. Don't hesitate - be sure to contact us today to discuss what we might be able to do for you.

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