Floor Plans in addition to EPC (Optional)

1 Bedroom / studio £10.00
2 Bedroom £15.00
3 Bedroom £20.00
4 Bedroom and value up to £500k £25.00
5 Bedroom and value over £500k £30.00
6 Bedroom £35.00
Listed / Thatched / Specialist £40.00
Floor Plans without EPC available from £25.00



Energy Performance Certificates, Floor Plans and Legionella Risk Assessments 

Epc's Floor Plans and Legionella Risk Assessment Reports are supplied in pdf format.

Printed copies available on request - (Small additional Fee may apply) 

Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque (supported by valid bankers card)
Electronic Bank Transfer.



Please Note: VAT is not currently chargeable as Essex Domestic Energy  Assessors is not registered for VAT 

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